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MOBI.Europe Newsletter 4, January 2014

mobi.europe's 1st road show

Second Workshop in Paris


TEN-T fast charge program me in Ireland
Events - 30/07/2014
ESB ANNOUNCED 46 FAST CHARGE POINTS & 10 INTERMODAL AC POINTS IN IRELAND ESB completes pilot electric vehicle project for European Commission 46 fast charge points ins [...]
2nd roadshow Amsterdam
Events - 27/06/2014
2nd Roadshow in Amsterdam Have a look at photos from yesterday during the 2nd Mobi.Europe Roadshow that took place in Amsterda [...]
image 3
Events - 13/06/2014
Mobi.Europe 2nd Road Show (Amsterdam) The Roadshow Amsterdam - Do you already drive smart and clean in the city? is a joint initiative o [...]
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